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March 29th, 2010

It was around this time last year when I was dealing with my cancer diagnosis. It was still early on so I was in the processing phase. I never felt alone because I always had my family and friends around me when I needed them. However, I had a mixed amount of emotions and I knew that I had to deal with it all by myself.

Here is a website that I came across that has inspired and educated me on how to best deal with my emotions during a tough time. It is: http://www.roadtowellbeing.ca/

I encourage you all to visit this site and hopefully it can help you better understand your emotions and how to make them work with you and not against you.

Authors: Jason Jordan, Bette Brazier, Dr. Fern Stockdale Winder. Most of the material was written collaboratively. Some sections were sole authored – BB wrote the Forgiveness Meditation, FSW wrote the material in Relaxation Cove.

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