My Prayer…

December 18th, 2010

There is something about this time of year that is indescribable. It is a time when most people get days off from work and are able to get together with their entire family and friends to celebrate. No matter what the celebration is, there is no better feeling than being around the ones we love. Unfortunately, not everyone can be with their entire family throughout the year, so this holiday time becomes extra special.

For anyone that is going through a tough time in their lives at this moment in time, whether it is health related or other, I wish you well. I will continue to pray that God grants you the strength to get through another day and that you are surrounded by people that can uplift your spirits if you are down.

Have a great and safe holiday season!

3 Responses to “My Prayer…”

  1. jfender says:

    I wish you the most wonderful holidays to come. You are an inspiration to me…..Just in everyday trials and tribulations, you come out of it with lord at your helm. god bless you, janice

  2. CoOlIe says:

    You are a very sweet man! Caring not only for yourself but others, it doesn’t matter what you talk about , you always manage to put forth what was thought and never said at loud or just to help by nudging people into the path that they were to afraid to get on. I can say for myself that reading your blog I learned a lot about who you are and helped me reflect on who I am. So I thank you and raise my glass to you, wishing you a great holiday season filled with love, happiness, silliness and giggles ;)

  3. Bhagwant says:

    Nice thought. In life every body cares for himself and tries to ignore the others, who are in need and most desperate for one reason or the other. Each one has his/her own problems. Holidays season is the only time which creates a feeling in oneself to care and wish the others the happiness which they are deprived of. We can only pray for their happiness, good health and well beings. I think we all should care for the needy. I we all think on those lines this world will be a great place to live in. I pray to Almighty for everyone’s happiness this holiday season.

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