Finding the silver lining…

May 22nd, 2010

For all those who didn’t know, my website had been down this past week due to a hardware failure on the server. Nonetheless, it is back up now and ready to serve you all as a forum of positivity once again!

When things happen which we don’t like, there is no use fighting or dwelling on it. It’s counter-productive and a waste of energy. With that said, here is the valuable lesson that I learned this past week:

So the site crashed- it’s no big deal. I am still here and able to rebuild it. So I lost all my blogs- it’s no big deal. I still have my mind and am able to repost them. It’s no big deal, I found the silver lining.

Now it’s your turn- I am sure there is something in your life that you didn’t plan on and it happened…Can you see the silver lining yet?

4 Responses to “Finding the silver lining…”

  1. coolie says:

    Very cute website! I have been reading ur blogs for a while now! You are very brave! And very strong! And I find it great that you are sharing your experiences battling such an aggressive disease! And that you can move on and not let it rule your life but at the same time lear from it! Wise beyond your years you are!

    Take good care of yourself!


  2. Paully says:

    thank you for your kind words coolie. Take care.

  3. RS says:

    There is alot going on the world these days…well there is always alot going on the world at any time, but recently, events have impacted many on what otherwise would be the start to a beautiful summer…I am referring to the recent Air India tragedy..from what it seems, the victims were returning home on a short trip they take once a year to visit family after working so hard overseas so support them…many people have lost loved ones and will need nothing more than something positive and an abundance of support to help them deal with such terrible losses…So I would just like to dedicate my sincerest kind thoughts, condolences and positive energy to all those affected by this tragedy and hope everyone can come up on top stronger and with a positive attitude….known to be much easier said than done…but at the end, what choice do we really have? As Paully says, you won’t win by being negative…by being positive it will help you deal with it and move forward confidently with your head up…as close to victory as can be given the circumstances…

  4. Paully says:

    Hi RS…as always your comments are valued and appreciated. You said it perfectly regarding all those innocent victims and their families that were caught in that tragedy being left with no choice but to pick up their lives once again. Even if that seems to be an impossible task at the moment. That’s all anyone of us can do when faced with tough times. My prayers and wishes go out to everyone affected by that tragedy as well.

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