Adventure with or without Adversity: New way to live…

April 29th, 2011

Spring is here. Soon it will be summer. When you are busy at work or raising kids; time flies. When you are ill, unemployed or retired; time seems to be an eternity. One thing that is common to both situations is the need to break out from your routine. So what will you do this year to get out of your comfort zone?

Let’s break the pattern that most of us live like and start to bring life to our lives. Let’s embark on adventures when we are healthy and not only when we are threatened with life altering diseases that force us to enjoy the little time we may potentially have.

If you want to get motivated to live like this I encourage you all to check out an upcoming documentary “wrong way to hope” which is the story of 8 cancer patients who set trail on a journey of a lifetime where they share their personal stories “…against the dramatic backdrop of the Owyhee River gorge deep in the SE Oregon desert.”

I am looking forward to watching this film which will be screened at the Dollar Cinema on May 9th @ 7pm. For complete information about the film, ticket information please visit and get inspired.

Who knows…This movie may just serve you as a stepping stone to plan your next adventure. So are you ready to live?

4 Responses to “Adventure with or without Adversity: New way to live…”

  1. CoOlIe says:

    To be honest , It takes guts and I dunno if I have it in me! But I surely wish I did!

  2. Paully says:

    Hi Coolie

    How about you redefine the word “adventure” to apply to your life. Start with something small and build yourself up so you overcome your reservations.

  3. BS says:

    It is wisely said” Time and tide wait for none”. It is the law of nature that seasons will pass one after the other and it will not wait for you to fulfill what you want to do in your life. One should enjoy every moment whether small or big every hour of the day if one can & what give him/ her complete enjoyment and give inner peace & satisfaction.

  4. Jo says:

    Love reading your blogs Paully! Keep writing and inspiring!

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