Growing old while staying young at heart…

May 31st, 2011

One of the greatest life lessons that I learned these past 2 years is not to let my age define my attitude.

There was a time when I was reluctant to participate in certain activities that I would then classify as being childish or immature. Today those same things that I once thought were silly are the things that bring the most joy to me. The little things, the laughter, the funny moments help me to enjoy living and appreciate life.

Speaking for myself, now I know that whether I am 30 or 80 years old– I still want to see the world through young eyes even when my eventual gray hair and aging body will project something else.

What I found to be true is that it’s the people with “old” attitudes who are the worst enemies of the young at heart. Knowing this, I try to keep my distance from those individuals so I am not restricted in letting my age dictate how I should feel or act.

So are you ready to find your inner-child?

Paully Caricature!

4 Responses to “Growing old while staying young at heart…”

  1. CoOlIe says:

    I’m soon turning 25 and feel depressed about it! Even if I know it’s silly but what can we do! C’est la vie! Btw your caricature is amazing looks like you sooooo much! But who is the woman portrayed?
    Ps: I think my inner child died due to my wrongdoing and as usual your entry is so true and resonates common sense!

  2. Satwant says:

    Brillant. That is such a positive attitude towards life. I notice how creative your mind is!!!!!!!!!!!!Keep at it as it is going to help millions of people who needs a bit support or a push to feed their brain. I feel like I am still in my twenties though I am in my Nifty 60.It is all mind over matter.

  3. BS says:

    It is the way one feels and handles the hurdles in life. A contented individual by nature is more joyful and happy in any situation he may be in.
    Feeling young and old is only a state of mind. Over time mind does not get old and only becomes wiser and give you more understanding of life as a whole. Heart does not change it will always help and encourage you to continue with the events which are joyful. Brilliant and one has to take life in a positive manner and continue what he wants to do respective of age.

  4. Machael says:

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