Measure of a great man…

June 19th, 2011

Never did he once judge me through all my mistakes that I made and the one’s that I continue to make. Never did he once raise his voice in anger or frustration through all my complaints and demands that I had and continue to have.

39 years separate us. Earlier on, the age gap was apparent and it seemed that we both were on a different wavelength of thought. Today, it feels as if that gap is less evident. He may have an old school of thought compared to me but we no longer clash, we are more likely to see “eye to eye” on things. Granted the fact that I have matured a lot; he is able to understand me more and vice versa. We have built a relationship and way of thinking whose core foundation applies to us both.

He was supportive throughout all my life but our bond strengthened even more around the time I was sick. He was one of the only people that allowed me to feel the way I wanted to feel when I was first diagnosed with cancer. Before the diagnosis was confirmed and I went through the scans, tests and biopsies he didn’t sugar coat or say things that I wanted to hear for the sake of it. He stayed true. He continues to stay true. He was my rock during that time. He continues to be my rock.

I look up to him for the great example he has taught me and continues to teach me on how to live life. I pride myself on saying that I get my sense of humour from him (one of the many great qualities that he has). You are one of my best friends and also happen to be my father.

I am blessed. I love you dad. Happy Father’s Day.

Dad and Me

Dad goofing around as always!

7 Responses to “Measure of a great man…”

  1. Balpreet says:

    Wonderful post Pauly!!!

  2. CoOlIe says:

    CCCCCUUUUUTTTTTEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! :) Your dad is indeed a GREAT man! Nice pics btw

  3. kulwant dhanjal says:

    Your Dad really is a wonderful man. since we know your dad we have never seen him upset or mad. we always give his example about his patience in every situation.


  4. Bhagwant Saund says:

    I am blessed to have a son like you ,who is more understanding and caring. I am sure all father’s thinks the same and would treat their kids with love and affection. I am fortunate that I was there for you when you needed me the most and that moment has created a deeper bond and understanding in between us and no body on this earth can take it away from us. With love,I am always there for you in good and bad.

  5. CoOlIe says:

    I dunno what’s cuter and more heartwarming your blog entry or the response your father gave you! Just stupendous

  6. Bhagwant says:

    I will always be their in thick and thin. I am only a call away. I am proud to have son like you.

  7. Bhagwant says:

    What can I say about you? I pray to God that in every life you should be my son. You are caring,and now with time is maturing for the better. I am sure we will be have wonderful time in the years to come.I am confident that my new daughter Amrit will take good care of you.

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