Meant to be?

July 17th, 2011

Never one to be a heavy believer in coincidences; I think most things happen for a reason. Even when those reasons are not apparent to us at first, a deeper life lesson is rooted. This is seen mostly when tragedy knocks at our door.

I received an email a couple of weeks back regarding the tragic events around 9/11. The email described the story of some people that did not make it to work that day due to random situations preventing them. For example, one person lives today because they had to take their son to kindergarten. One person lives today because their alarm clock didn’t go off. One lives today because they missed their bus; another lives because of being stuck in traffic.

Previously, I had written a blog regarding “wait time” and how one should try not to stress through periods of time whether it is waiting in the doctor’s office, waiting for test results or waiting in traffic on the way to work to name a few. After reading the email mentioned above it changed the way I now see my “wait time”. It has allowed me to be in a place where I can now accept the idea that perhaps this time that I was waiting was meant for a reason. All the little things that once frustrated me such as getting stuck at every traffic light, missing an elevator or trouble finding my car keys might just have a deeper purpose now. That perhaps this is exactly where I was meant to be at this very moment in time. Perhaps someone is watching over me?

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  1. Jhaga says:

    I definitely am a firm believer in this…I actually had this conversation just last night! What may seem a set back at a given moment, may turn out to serve a bigger purpose in the future. Even if there was no direct result of the outcome, I believe in some way it serves a purpose to our life.
    The choices we make and the way we choose to handle them has a direct impact on our life- some choices we can reverse and others we can’t…it won’t hurt to take a bit of time to think about them ;)

  2. I have had such instances where I remember thinking that if only I did make that appointment that I had to miss, or was just a few minutes later than was suppose to, something different would have happened in a negative matter. so in the end, my little set back turned out to be a blessing. And at the time I think about it, I thank GOD. GOD is always on time. He is NEVER late. He is PERFECT. I do try not to get upset at the human things that happen that perhaps make me late or even forget to do something. I forgive myself and try to rectify whatever wrong I have done. I’m getting to be more tolerant of my mistakes. We are always hardest on ourselves I think.

  3. Soorya says:

    Thanks for this look from another side. That everything happens for a reason has not always been easily transparent for me. Your reference to 9/11 helps take that in. I’ve not had an easy time with letting go the past even though I know better. But life has dealt me something more immediately and from a centre of calm I can see that it is a perfect set-up for me to inquire into what I need to learn here. It feels good. So there is that too.

  4. AM says:

    Well done Paully! I totally agree with you. I have always been a strong believer in coincidences. I feel that everything in our lives happens for a reason, and the things that happen are meant to be- it’s fate. After such tragic events, we learn to appreciate life and the little things around us.
    The 9/11 is a great example that you used. It’s just like every action we take; there is a reaction to our actions.

    Keep writing- it’s very motivational. It helps people like me reflect:).

  5. Mel Reising says:

    Two Words: BLOG HEAVEN.

  6. AD says:

    Great blog, as usual.

    An aunt of mine was unable to book her flight to India. She survived the 1985 Air India bombing.

    As we say; god takes with one hand, and gives with the other. What is some time stuck in traffic, or a missed flight in comparison to your life?!

  7. Teisha says:

    Where is the facebook like link ?

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