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March 27th, 2012

Another birthday. Another year older. Another person asking how it feels to be at my new age. I always find this question hard to answer. I always find that this question misrepresents how I should feel. If only age had something to do with my maturity level and lifestyle choices I made. If only it were that simple; knowing that I was bound to make better choices in my life as a direct relationship to the age I was. If only that were a rule of thumb. Imagine if each year I got older, I was guaranteed to progress to something better. Something that I could not deviate away from no matter how many mistakes I made along the way. Truth is, age, my age simply represents another ring on the tree of life that I have grown on my journey thus far. That very tree is where it all resides. It’s not the age of the tree that defines it. Its’ being resides in the branches all the way down to the roots; to the foundation.

What I know today is that my age is not an indication on how I live my life or how I make choices. My foundation, my roots, my experiences and everything I have gone through thus far have helped shape and brought me to this space that I am in today. The space that I am in defies age. The space is created on every day trials and tribulations that I am faced with and my reaction to dealing with it. What I know now is that I have found a space that I am comfortable in. What I know now is that no matter what happens tomorrow or how old I get; I am in a space that lets me live life on my terms and not on how others want me to live. I am in a space where there is no notion of peer pressure from friends wanting me to do something I am against. I am in a space where I am learning that you cannot please everyone at the same time. I am in space where I see what people truly matter in my life and try to surround myself with only those who help strengthen my branches against any storms I may face.

Another birthday. Another year older. This time I direct my question to you. How does it feel to be in your space? Are you comfortable?

canCertainly...Live Life!

3 Responses to “My Space…”

  1. Bhagwant Saund says:

    To live in your own space is the great way to live. Growing age is like an other ring around the growing tree. But as you see tree year by year grows more branches, leaves and finally give fruits to everyone around the tree. That what aging is all about. This is a law of nature who is born has to grow old. Old brings happiness, wisdom and maturity in human.
    Good article.

  2. Casey says:

    You published this on my Birthday, what a great coincidence. Thanks for this Hanspaul, some great food for thought as I enter another year and add another ring to my tree :)

  3. please, please, please hanspaul. Another year is a celebration of the chances the lord has given you and what you feel about what you have accomplished. The ones that feel bad about getting one year older, are the ones that nothing was accomplished and they feel guilty for some reason. Every morning I wake up, we have a chance to fulfill something that we didn’t do before. You have taught me that gratitude for each day alive is of most importance. I do like the tree and the rings on them stuff though. I learned about that many years ago either on a teaching network on T.v. or even maybe in science class. I guess maybe for me, you can compare the amount of wrinkles I wear; Every year they get more and more spread out and deeper!! I am so glad to be alive. Good days or Bad days, I am alive….Thanks to heavenly father and the doctors! The older I get, the more faith I have in the lord too. He is amazing and loving. OMNIPOTENT. your friend, j f

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