Ready for the Shift?

April 29th, 2012

There’s nothing more that I want to add to the powerful words author and public speaker Eckhart Tolle says below. Whenever you are ready to read or watch the youtube link below I hope it serves you well as it has for me.

“I’m giving you here in one little talk the entire essence of what spirituality really is all about. And really that’s what it is. There’s not much else that you need to know beyond that in the sense of knowledge, accumulated knowledge. It is now a question of living that. And if you don’t want to live it, that’s fine. It means you have to suffer a bit more until you’re ready to make this shift; until this shift begins to happen. Human being needs to reach the point of readiness. Where they say okay I’ve done enough madness. I’ve suffered enough. I’m ready for this shift. I’m ready to say okay, this moment is all there ever is. I might as well become friendly with it. Acknowledge it; give it attention in whatever form it comes. Because the form is not the moment. It’s the form that this moment takes, the now. It’s not what happens, the now is not what happens. It’s the space in which it happens.”   -Eckhart Tolle

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