Monitor Myself…

February 28th, 2013

Time flies? It all depends on who you ask. An older man sitting in his rocking chair while reading the paper may tell you something differently than a student preparing for an exam they have to write the next day. Ask a person being rushed to the hospital in critical condition if time flies? Ask them the value of each second that passes and how it may be the difference to whether they live or die. On the contrary, ask an innocent person convicted of a crime who serves out their long sentence in prison how time passes by.

Whether time flies or not; I guess the more relevant question we should be asking ourselves is how our attitude changes throughout it? Instead of focusing on time going by, perhaps we need to observe how we are reacting throughout its passing.

We cannot undo what we already lived, however, we can control how we are about to live the next moment in time. We can become aware that the next moment may be our last. Once we see the big picture and understand that although we may perceive time to go by us fast or slow, it is essentially our personal growth and attitude that we need to be monitoring throughout the passage of time.

canCertainly live life!

3 Responses to “Monitor Myself…”

  1. dr. navleen says:

    Ur blogs r alwys insprng..
    N iys ao true tht time flies n attitude towrds life chnages alot… frm choldhood to adulthood….

  2. Kristen butler says:

    Love your blogs! We’d actually love to feature this one and others if you are still interested in being a guest contributor for PoP! Let me know :)


  3. Paully says:

    Thanks for the kinds words.

    @Kristen yes definitely feel free to use this and other posts on PoP.


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