Less What if’s. More What now.

August 31st, 2013

I see you and your fear. I know you feel as if someone just pulled a rug from underneath you and your whole world is upside down. How do you want to react? You don’t have to answer that right away. It’s okay if you are not sure yet as I see you may be confused.  How could you not be? There are so many events that just happened in a span of minutes and an overload of information to process. Can I ask a favor from you? While you decide on your feelings from what just occurred in your life; can I help react for you in the meantime?  If your answer is yes you will be reading passed this line.

Have a seat. Take a deep breath. Clear your mind. Take a deep breath. Free yourself from your thoughts. Take a deep breath. Feel better already don’t you? Throughout the day practice breathing. I know it may sound silly but becoming aware of your consciousness and breaths you take will help disassociate you from your thoughts and ultimately your ego. Let this be a form of meditation you practice.

The more you practice a form of meditation, whether it is breathing, praying or whatever that helps take your mind off of your current situation; the less you focus and consume yourself with something that is not in your control. I will not stand by you while you drown your thoughts in all the “what if” scenarios that you cannot change. For example what if there was something you did in your lifestyle that triggered this incident to fall upon you? What if you had you had been more proactive to prevent this from happening? At times there may be logical factors that contribute to your overall well being. At times there is no rhyme or reason why something has happened to you. Whether you could have prevented it or not should not be where your focus lies at this very moment. What good will that do for you anyways? I know it will not help ease your acceptance of your current reality nor your journey while facing it.

Take a deep breath. Focus less on all the possible “what if’s” and shift your focus on the “what now”. Is your world a little clearer? Are you ready to react to your situation by yourself? What do you chose to make of it? Before you answer this question…Take a deep breath.

canCertainly live life!

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  1. Manveen says:

    Beautifully expressed. Good read.

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