When the dust settles…

September 29th, 2013

You were there to take part in my happiness. I thank you for that. Now, with the flip of a switch, I got dealt some unfair cards and my world has shattered into pieces. I called for you but you didn’t answer. I asked for you to support me and be the shoulder I could lean on but you were pre-occupied. Never once did you hesitate to participate in my life when things were going my way. The moment my life took a different turn, one that I didn’t anticipate nor have any control over, you distanced yourself from me. Why did you do that? Were you scared that somehow the obstacle I faced was contagious and would pull you in? Did you fear that I may become a burden on you or ask too much of you? Whatever the reason for your absence I am left wondering but I won’t ask you what it was. I just know where you fit in my life now.  

When the dust settles, when my sense of normalcy returns back to what it once was, I will have clarity. I count my blessings for the people that stood by my side in my time of sorrow. Although you were nowhere to be found during my despair; I hold no grudges. In spite of you revealing your true colors, I will not harbor any negative feelings towards you. I will not give you that type of power over me as I know that it will ultimately cause me more harm to act that way. I won’t lie to myself, it was unsettling that you did not stand by me when I needed you most but I made it through those obstacles nonetheless. My life went on. I continue to move forward. I wish you well, may life treat you kind and keep you safe from any harm. Our relationship may have lost something we once had, but I have gained a great deal with my own personal growth and have come out stronger.

When the dust settles, I see all the people who stand by me through my highs and my lows. The same people that I too would do anything for in a heartbeat if they asked. I like to refer to those people as God sent for they have entered my life to be there to celebrate and rejoice in my happiness as well as share and carry the weight of the obstacles I face.

Can you see clearly? Pay close attention to the people that you have surrounded yourself with in your life. Where do they fit in your life?

cancertainly live life!

6 Responses to “When the dust settles…”

  1. Sukhvinder says:

    Hold no grudges. This is what I believe I need to learn.

    Even when I believe people are uncaring, I think it is through inertia and not through active uncaring on their part.

  2. Bhagwant says:

    Well written block and great message to everyone to appreciate and care for each other without any return. Keep up the positive thinking which will take you to next level of maturity.

  3. Dear Friend, you right like a poet,knowing the harmony that our life requires to be happy…Loving all , whether or not you get the same in return…We should be mindful of others’ feelings and do as we would want others to do…..There will be those that will question a HIGHER being, but our Lord is everywhere..god bless you! Please keep nourishing your soul! your friend, janice

  4. Aunty Kulwant says:

    Great article. In life people come and go. God sends them to make us better people. Even, if someone stops caring for you, you should not stop loving or caring about them. We do not know what is happening in their life at that time.
    Very proud of you, keep spreading the word to live enriched and peaceful life.xoxox

  5. RS says:

    Wonderful words. It’s often so surprising and difficult to accept that those so close become invisible when you need them most, but so true that if you take a step back, it’s not important to understand why, or to hold grudges as you say, but important to realize that those specific people played and play a specific role in your life and will be bound to that, and the ones who were there to get you through the tough times are the god sent angels that sometimes we overlooked…

  6. Sarah says:

    beautifully written! As you said, we could hold no grudge on those who we expected to be present during our struggles. These situations happen to all of us in our lifetime, sometimes more than once. Perhaps, we should only thank them because they are ultimately the “obstacle” to overcome. In this situation, i believe we put to test our weaknesses which is; expectation and love…

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