Full Circle…

October 20th, 2013

If you ask my grandmother she will tell you that old age is one of the hardest phases in life. Surprisingly, she mentions that it’s not due to the countless body aches and pains that come with the territory of aging; but with the way she feels as a person and her value.

She always prays to God that she doesn’t become a burden to anyone. That she continues to be blessed to carry her own weight, if not for anything else, just for the simple tasks that we may take for granted such as to get up to go to the bathroom and eat food by ourselves. Although she knows that she has a family that loves and takes care of her; she can’t help shake this feeling.

What I see today is my part that I play in making her feel this way. I realize that what she needs most from me is patience, assistance and above all my time. By seeing the trajectory of her life I feel that she has come back full circle to that of a child. For what she needs is no different than what a child needs from their parent: patience, assistance and time. As parents commit to raise their children with love, support and guidance, there comes a time once the child is all grown up to reciprocate the same towards their parents. Just like a child who takes their first step with the help of their parent, my grandmother at times needs my hand to help her take a step forward. Just like a parent who needs to be patient with their child while explaining them things, I too have to be patient with my grandmother as she may not hear or understand everything that I say to her. I know it’s the times that I get frustrated with her that makes her feel that it is related to her “old age”. I am in a space that I quickly realize that it’s not her fault for feeling this way and that I need to breathe, regroup and start over in my approach with her just as I would if I were a parent raising a child.     

My grandmother understands that there are countless tasks from work and daily chores that take up most of my time. She knows that I have my own personal and social life and is truly happy for me. All she wants is what any child, or any one for that matter wants. To feel valued. To feel important. To feel loved. I am fully committed to being by her side whether in person or on the phone, to listen to her stories or simply bringing a smile to her face. I feel guilty that I may not give her as much as she deserves while I gain so much from her. I gain her love, blessings and stories from her past that I will carry on forever. A valuable life lesson is rooted from our interaction and it teaches me to try and be a more patient and present person.

canCertainly live life!

8 Responses to “Full Circle…”

  1. Balpreet says:

    What a wonderful and touching post!

  2. Amrit Jheeta says:

    Grand Parents are great,but wish to have grand children like u,what a great Blessing they have ,grand son like u.Baba Ji Bless u forever.By the way where is Grand Fathere?

  3. RS says:

    Grandparents are very special people. I was very blessed to have been raised by mine….nice words and a beautiful picture!

  4. Aunty Kulwant says:

    Bete, beautifully written.
    You are absolutely right they become like babies, you have to be patient and repeat same thing 10-15 or more times within an hour sometimes.
    However, I feel they make you better person, because you learn to be tolerant, patient and understanding. You learn to pamper them with sweet simple words like, you are beautiful, you have accomplished a lot in this world, we love you, and you have made so many sacrifices for all of us. Hearing these words give them energy and strength through their aches and pains.
    Thank you for sharing wonderful words of wisdom with all of us, we know your Grandma loves you very much. Beautiful Photo… God Bless you!

  5. Paully says:

    Thanks for the comments everyone!

    And @ Amrit Aunty – I feel the same way about our beloved Pitaji :)

  6. Narinder Singh says:

    It is very nicely expressed note.
    You are lucky to have both Grand Parents. They are also lucky to have so understanding, caring & considerate grand children. Rab Sab Da Bhalla Kare.

  7. bhagwant says:

    What a touching article. You are blessed that you are enjoying her company. These memories will struck in your mind like a stone throughout your life. I feel very unfortunate to spend more time with her and will try my best to cover up for the lost time.

  8. Sarah says:

    I wish more people would take the time to be with their elders. They have so much wisdom to pass on to us. Yet, its more common than not that we associate old age with lack of knowledge.
    Keep doing what you do Hanspaul, you guys are both lucky to have one another :)
    God bless,

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