Meet My Wife…

November 16th, 2014

There is never a dull moment being with her. She has her quirks, I have my own and every day we learn something new about each other. Her laughter is infectious. Her playful nature keeps me young at heart. Unconditional is her love for me and for that I am grateful. She continues to encourage and support me while providing honest feedback and advice no matter what I am dealing with. We have entered a new space together. In this space we have decided to make a conscious effort to be patient with each other, kind and considerate to one’s feeling. Equally we know how to effectively push each other’s button. We are both guilty of occasionally losing our cool with one another and reacting poorly instead of controlling our emotions and communicating in a healthier manner. However, we try our best not to go to bed with any unresolved feelings as we realize it’s better to make up and apologize for anything we may have said to each other in the heat of the moment than to go to bed upset. We acknowledge that life is precious and that each moment is a blessing. We know that there is no guarantee for a tomorrow so try to enjoy the time we are here; appreciate the time we share together as best friends and companions.   

So meet my beautiful wife, Mrs. Amrit Kaur Deol. She plays an important part of my life and shapes the person that I am. We were fortunate to take an unforgettable honeymoon visiting Greece and Italy most recently and throughout the next couple of blogs I will be sharing some life inspiring stories that came from that experience with you all!

Our wedding took place this past August, if you want to check out a highlight video capturing our special weekend please check it out at the link below: life!

2 Responses to “Meet My Wife…”

  1. Aunty Kulwant says:

    Bete God bless you both as you start your new journey together. Always remember life is like weather. Sometimes, we get rain, thundershowers, earthquakes and hurricanes but the SUN always comes out. We have to be strong enough to ride through that difficult time. Almighty, lord helps us through that time.
    We love you both very much and pray to God to give you both good health, love, peace and prosperity.
    Lots of Ladhi’s

  2. Paully says:

    Thanks for the kind and wise words Aunty. Love to you all

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