Who Surrounds You?

July 24th, 2015

No topic is off limit to joke about. High is the threshold for inappropriate comments about the most random of things or incidents. If we are not making fun of each other or ourselves, then it hasn’t been a productive day. This is the dynamic that we share. Although we all lead busy lives and live in different countries, rarely does a day go by without us all communicating (thanks to whatsapp and the wonders of technology). We may be at different points in our lives, be it career wise, marital status wise or any other life milestone but the common thread is that we grow together through our respective life experiences and we share them with one another in hopes that we can benefit, learn and enrich our lives.

If I can attest to one thing through the life experiences that I have been through thus far is adopting a positive mindset and outlook on life is easy when you surround yourselves with people that encourage for this to happen.

Take a second, think about it. Who surrounds you?

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canCertainly live life!

2 Responses to “Who Surrounds You?”

  1. SS says:

    Our collective evolution will continue to travel in parrallel with our personal evolution. I’ve been truly blessed in my life to battle through this obstacle course with others to whom no topic is too minute or too major to discuss.

    Another one walks the plank 7/24/15

  2. Andi says:

    Most non-supportive folks jumped ship in my cancer journey at the very beginning. Fast way to discover who ones friends truly are. I have a great support group and most of them are others dealing with health issues and a weekly program at the Local Hospice for those who are ‘Pre-Palliative.’ As well as a solid group of very OLD friends who have re-entered my life.

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