Hand in Hand…

December 17th, 2016

We can see you. All of your wounds are fresh. Each passing day has its ups and downs and we know you are wondering how much longer you will have to endure this rollercoaster called life. We wonder the same. For you. For us. We know the answers to our questions lie with a higher source but we still ask them anyways.

We can understand you. This is not what you had envisioned for yourself and nor do we want this for you, but we are with you. Every breath, every step, you are not alone. We have different opinions about your situation. If we think with our hearts, we become selfish. If we think with our minds, we know what is best for you. Either way, we empathize with your situation.

We can feel your pain. Although you are the vessel that is enduring the physicality of pain throughout this, it transcends to us emotionally. These obstacles, these challenges are not yours alone to face. We are sitting right beside you on this rollercoaster, hand in hand, embracing the highs and lows together. We will continue to put our faith and trust in the hands of God and mark each day as a blessing.

canCertainly live life!

4 Responses to “Hand in Hand…”

  1. Jo says:

    Nicely said Paully…agree with totally…??

  2. Bhagwant says:

    well written blog u could not expressed it any better.

  3. Marilena says:

    Powerful words!!

  4. Kulwant Jutla says:

    Hanspaul bete pure words of wisdom. God bless you. We cannot change almighty’s agenda. We have to live within his will. Sometimes it is very hard. We all love you very much Biji and feel your pain. God bless you and your family. Big energy filled hugs to you all.

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