Break my silence…

January 25th, 2019

It has been close to 2 years since I last posted a blog. During that time, I experienced both my lowest and highest points of life to date; my grandmother’s passing and the birth of my daughter.

Two life events that are total opposites of each other and yet I knew the timing of them had a deeper meaning.

Never found myself to be a believer in coincidences; things are meant to happen as planned is the road map I choose to follow on this journey we call life.

I understand that my grandmother had left a void in my life that my daughter was coming to fill. My grandmother’s physical body may have perished away but her energy and ethereal form resonates through my daughter. It is something that cannot be explained, only felt. It is what I choose to believe.

I often think about what connects us all together and end up at the same conclusion that it is our understanding. A mutual understanding of our emotions that we express with one another whether it is through words, smiles, eyes or frowns.

I am fortunate to use this platform of blogging to connect with you. To share my emotions and express my feelings in hopes that it can help bring some clarity in your own life. I would love to hear from you and what you feel connects us all and/or how you choose to deal with any adversity life throws your way.

One Response to “Break my silence…”

  1. Bhagwant saund says:

    It is very hard for human to understand the mysterious ways of God.I know whatever God bestows upon us is always good for us even though we human may not understand or agree with His decisions. God is a good great he gives us pain which we think as pain and at the same time helps us to heel.
    Nice way to put things in your article
    God bless u

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