Exercise your mind…

August 20th, 2010

A couple of years back I was in the car with a good friend of mine. He was driving and we were headed to another mutual friends’ house. We had taken this drive so many times before it seemed as if I could get there with my eyes closed.

The drive from one place to another was all too familiar; it was routine. My brain had already made the right and left turns before he even got to the stops. Then one day, my friend did something different. He changed the route and decided to go a new way to our friends house. I looked over to him and wondered where we were going. I believe my exact words were “Are you drunk? We were supposed to make a left turn!” but he laughed it off and said he was changing the routine up. He had heard from somewhere that it helps exercise the brain by switching up repetitive habits. This has forever resonated with me. Since then, I have tried to explore different paths to get to the same destination. I came to a realization that the most familiar route doesn’t always mean the best for you to take.

Now with that being said, I don’t encourage anyone to change up their routes drastically to the point that they get lost for days. Take small steps. For example, I am sure to get to your residence there may be alternate routes that all lead to the same destination. Explore these paths on your free time and don’t let it stress you out if you get lost or come to a dead end in the road. Leave the GPS home and exercise your mind!

16 Responses to “Exercise your mind…”

  1. Melanie says:

    I really love exploring our neighborhood with my dog- it’s a great way to relieve stress and enjoy the sites and sounds.

    Love the blog, Hanspaul!

  2. Pink says:

    I love the blog as well, I always try to take different routes as well… Never thought of it as brain exercise…. Great to know!! but it sure re freshens me a bit…. what I do is I take longer routes to get to my destinations every weekend that also works for me a stress reliever…. Plus I love taking detours!

    Pink :-)

  3. jfender says:

    I do believe this would play havoc with my brain for a while. However, it sounds like a very good exercise for me to take. I am a habitual person. Doing the same thing the same way, seems reasonable. you are right though, the only reason it is reasonable is because I have made it out to be that way. It could even change the course of the day. Perhaps there maybe someone that could use my help. I would never had noticed this if i drove the same way home. Good thinking Hanspaul.

  4. Satwant says:

    Dear Hanspaul
    I think the same way and adopt the same thing whenver I go out for a walk.My husband and I take a different route on the way back home after the walk.I also try to remember the name of some people whom I met accidently and got good vibes from them.I do not try to stress myself but exercise my brain to try to remember the name of the person and the place where I met him or her.

  5. Co0lIe says:

    Your friend is so right and I understand completely, routine at times is cool, but changing it up keeps you on your toes, more alert and makes life more fun!!!! Also, changing your route makes you see different stores and spots that you need to be and maybe saves you time than the usual route!

  6. Bhagwant Singh says:

    It is wisely said that ideal brain is a devil,s workshop. Human has to use his brain which helps the brain to grow. One must keep in mind that the brain can be used for destruction and for the welfare of the human kind. God has given human the brain to stop, think and than act rationally to promote positive thinking firstly in human himself and than for the mankind. Proper & sensible use of brain can lead to many options and ways to achieve common goals for the betterment of humanity.

  7. Marilena says:

    Well said Paully!!

    I constantly take different routes to explore the beauty of all that is around us.

    As they say, all roads lead to Rome.

  8. Sandeep says:

    Thanks Paully I enjoyed the blog!
    There’s been plenty of times where I did meet new people by changing up old habits. Neurobic exercises really help to challenge your brain.

  9. Paully says:

    Great feedback everyone! Thanks for the comments :)

  10. RS says:

    alot of people say they are afraid of change even though things change daily in our lives without even us knowing…yet we inherently find a way to adapt…i love this blog because now the oness is on ourselves to make the change first…(i.e. be proactive) and allow you to explore your mind, not only for driving, but for really anything…
    keep blogging this is great

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